Good Work, Grit & Gratitude

The Bittersweet Lessons of the Lemonade Generation: A Memoir

By Adrian Dubow & Laura Koffsky

Publication Year: 2024

When the world was derailed by Covid-19, the Lemonade Generation was launched as adult children came home with laptops, dirty laundry and one-way plane tickets, seeking stability to ride out the cyclone of uncertainty. In Good Work, Grit & GratitudeAdrian Dubow and Laura Koffsky share how they learned to find the sweetness in this very sour time. Cooking excessive amounts of food, hoarding toilet paper, and even learning to sit quietly on the sidelines of an Ironman competition, they transformed into true IronMoms, developing deeper relationships with their children along with a newfound understanding of the power of community. In this honest, humorous, and profound memoir, they share how they learned to mask up, shut up, listen, laugh, let go and let the next generation lead, grateful to be along for the ride in the passenger’s seat, giving directions—when asked!  

Adrian Dubow and Laura Koffsky, two dear friends, have been active professionals and volunteers in the Greater Miami Community for more than 30 years. They are the cofounders of Good Work Miami LLC, which emphasizes collaboration and leadership development in connecting individuals, organizations, and philanthropists to opportunities for advocacy, engagement, and purpose. 


Preface 1

Introduction 5

1 Generation to Generation 9

2 Be the Air Dancer 21

3 Paralyzed in Our Sweatpants 35

4 Release 47

5 Sustenance for Survival 55

6 Hardship and Hope 65

7 Loss and Loneliness 77

8 Realigning Relationships 87

9 Faith Reimagined 101

10 On the Dock 109

11 The Great Outdoors 117

12 Aging Gratefully 129

13 The Power of the Pause 135

14 The Journey Is the Destination 149

15 Bonus Time with Our Boys 157

16 Passing the Torch 167

Good Work: More Stories of Finding Sweetness Amidst the Sourest of Times 173

References 191

About the Authors


Adrian Dubow and Laura Koffsky, two dear friends, have been active professionals and volunteers in the Greater Miami community for more than thirty years. They are passionately dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. In 2014 they launched Good Work Miami, LLC, a resource for individuals, organizations, and philanthropists that emphasizes collaboration, leadership development, and connecting people to opportunities for advocacy, engagement, and purpose. Adrian and Laura have received many accolades for their expertise in mission clarity, communication, board development, and organizational succession. Laura is a graduate of Indiana University and the Wexner Heritage Foundation. She and her husband Dan have three adult children and one grandchild. Adrian, a graduate of the University of Arizona, is a certified life and happiness coach. She and her husband Ken have two adult children. Both Laura and Adrian are based in Miami. Good Work, Grit and Gratitude is their first book. Find out more at



Adrian Dubow

Laura Koffsky


‘”A beautiful, uplifting memoir that explores family, love, personal growth, raising children and how our children raise us as well. Good Work, Grit & Gratitude is written by two accomplished women and close friends; by the time you finish this book, you will feel they are your friends and confidants as well.”

Rabbi Rachel Greengrass,
Temple Beth Am, Pinecrest Florida



“The humor, honesty, and empathy that Adrian and Laura share make this book a source of inspiration and hope. We could all use the lessons they share about the importance of finding joy, gratitude, and purpose in life’s most challenging moments.”

—Elizabeth Biondo, executive editor, attorney and community leader, Miami, Florida I

“Writing a book during a global pandemic—what better example of ‘making lemonade” can there be? Bravo, ladies!”

—Susan Cortellessa, decorator and community volunteer, Southport, Connecticut


“This book, written with love, humor and optimism by good friends, is a wise evocation of the journey they took with their adult children during COVID.”

Julie Greiner Weiser, Board Chair, Goodwill South Florida



“A heartfelt and therapeutic memoir of life seen through the lens of resilience, adaptation, and gratitude. “

—Sheila Matz LCSW, adult, teen and family psychotherapist, San Francisco, California

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