This One Time…

One Woman’s Personal Journey through loss and darkness to find faith community, purpose and love

by Adrienne Melanie Poppe

In the spiritual journey we call life, there are many twists and turns. In This One Time, Adrienne Poppe shares gems from her treasure chest of life stories, both the good times and the challenges.

You’ll laugh and cry as Adrienne’s story unfolds, starting from a lonely childhood, surviving paralytic polio, to her years in a religious cult and being a teen mother in an arranged marriage.

Later she travels through years of struggle as a broken-hearted divorced mother without custody, before eventually finding her way to becoming a happy, loving wife with a wide circle of friends, and mother to a large blended family.

Adrienne’s remarkable story shows us what is possible when we follow our hearts and stay true to our dreams.



Praise for This One Time:

 This is a story of faith and resiliency, of knowing God in good times and in hard times.  I felt that I was sitting down and listening to a friend share her life story while I was reading This One Time.  At times mesmerizing, and other times poignant, and always honest, Adrienne’s unique life story will help all of us ask how God has been with us, and what we have learned through our good times and hard times.  Highly recommended.

                                                                    –Diane Roth


The author writes about her amazing and full life experiences in a light, engaging manner that is easy to read.  She speaks with a refreshing openness about the good, the bad, and the ugly things in her life.  Throughout it all, she maintains an overall positive and resilient attitude.  In a day and age of everyone pretending that their lives are perfect, she openly reveals her doubts and scars, as well as her triumphs and joys.  A highly relatable read for anyone who has ever dealt with any adversity in their lives, and very uplifting for the reader!

                                                                          –Cheryl Janish



Adrienne Melanie Poppe | About the Author


Adrienne Poppe works as a real estate paralegal in Plano, Texas. 

She loves to travel, garden, cook and entertain.

Her newest passion, quilting, calls to her most days.

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