What in the World is Going On?

Wisdom Teachings for Our Time

by Penny Gill

2nd Edition

Publication Year: 2023

Do you worry about our planet, with its environmental crises, global warming, widespread violence, and global poverty? Do you feel powerless to change your life and impact your world? What in the World Is Going On reframes these crises as an invitation to open our minds and hearts to a new awareness of our fundamental interdependence with all beings. With breathtaking optimism, it offers courage and hope to all who hold the world in their hearts and grieve.

Cover photo by Jennifer Browdy.

“Powerful, inspiring, transformative, and utterly beautiful, these teachings show you how to fall in love with the world again.”
— Dale Cramer Burr


“Penny Gill’s book is a deeply transformative, utterly radical and ultimately optimistic reframing of the seemingly insurmountable challenges facing our civilization and our species.”
—Donal O’Shea, President Emeritus, New College of Florida


“I think of this book every time I pass one of those signs on a church proclaiming,
“God is still speaking.” Through Penny, Manjushri has given us a god’s eye perspective on these tumultuous times to guide us through our uncertainty, fear, and confusion.”
—Louise Cochran, MDiv


“There is no doubt that Penny Gill has been instructed by a deeply wise and compassionate discarnate teacher whose critique of modernity has much to teach us all.”
—Frédérique Apffel-Marglin, Prof. of Anthropology Emerita, Smith College


“Fascinating, mysterious, and wise, Penny Gill’s book is a Platonic dialogue for what she terms the “post-religion, post-ethics, and post-materialism” age….This is ultimately a positive book, a celebration of the transformative potential of Cosmic Mind.”
—Joanne V. Creighton, President Emerita, Mount Holyoke College


An extraordinarily valuable, immediately useful, and surprisingly hopeful perspective on the human, environmental, and cosmic world.

—Randy Kehler, founder of the Promoting Active Nonviolence project

Penny Gill | About the Author


Penny Gill was raised in Wisconsin, earned her PhD in political science from Yale University, and taught political science at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for more than forty years. The Mary Lyon Professor of Humanities, she also served as Dean of the College. She now lives in a small island community in Lake Superior, Wisconsin.

Find more of Penny’s writings on her website, thewisdomteachings.org.

Penny Gill photo credit: Seri Demorest

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