dancing full tilt in the light book cover

dancing full tilt in the light

love, loss & finding home

by Naomi Pevsner

Naomi had the perfect life. A successful Dallas socialite, businesswoman and the Diamond Queen of QVC, her life is upended by the deaths of her parents, sending her into a place so dark that even the diamonds have lost their shine.

Naomi is in a vortex of despair until, guided by providence, she sets off on a transformative trek across the country to a renowned retreat center in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.

Dancing Full Tilt in the Light bears witness to one woman’s journey through devastating grief and loss, to the hope and healing she finds at the end of the rainbow.


Naomi Pevsner | About the Author


Naomi Pevsner is a fifth-generation diamond dealer whose ancestors were purveyors of diamonds to the Czars of Russia. An award-winning jewelry designer and entrepreneur, Naomi’s designs are red-carpet regulars, coveted and collected by Hollywood royalty including Cher, Jane Seymour, Christie Brinkley, the late Eartha Kitt and more. With her husband and family, she divides her time between Dallas, Texas and Lenox, Massachusetts, always with her little dog Pearl in tow.

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