The Radiant Heart of the Cosmos

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The Radiant Heart of the Cosmos:

Compassion Teachings for Our Time

by Penny Gill

Publication Year: 2022

Winner of the 2023 Nautilus Silver Award (category: Rising to the Moment)

We live in a time of great tumult and suffering. The wise among us know that we desperately need healing, not more blame, violence and greed. The Radiant Heart of the Cosmos: Compassion Teachings for Our Time invites us to begin the work of healing the suffering in our own lives and then in our communities and our world.

Through Penny Gill’s conversations with Teachers Manjushri and Kwan Yin, we learn skillful ways to uncover our deeply defended hearts and then to recognize our own Heart Center, our portal to the Source of the great compassion streaming throughout the universe. The Teachers explain the intimate relationship between compassion and suffering, along with the importance of reclaiming our emotional lives and our access to the Divine Feminine. Restoring the balance between masculine and feminine energies will enable us to heal our Earth and recognize our interdependence with all of life

This urgent task begins in the heart of each one of us. In this complex, polyphonic text, Penny Gill and her Teachers encourage you to walk your own Spiral Path of healing—for yourself, for the world, and for the future we create in each moment.

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“Penny Gill — a gifted writer, an irresistible teacher and a humane mystic — shows how openness to, and compassion for, one’s own suffering develops the universal compassion that heals oneself, our fellow beings, and our world.”

Donal O’Shea, President Emeritus of New College of Florida

The Radiant Heart of the Cosmos is a profound, practical, personal and political treatise on transformation through meeting our fears and constrictions with kindness….Gill’s deep wisdom, expressed in an intimate human voice and in the voice of spirit guides, invites us to walk a path of healing for ourselves, each other and the planet.”

—Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg, co-founder of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality

“If you are a spiritual seeker longing to deepen your ability to recognize and respond to the Holy revealed within your own heart and the heart of the world, Penny Gill is a faithful and generous guide. With courage, wisdom, candor and deep kindness she takes us by the hand, leading us through fear into compassion and joy.”

—Rev. Rachel Bauman, Pastor, St. John’s United Church of Christ, Madeline Island, WI

Penny Gill | About the Author


Penny Gill was raised in Wisconsin, earned her PhD in political science from Yale University, and taught political science at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for more than forty years. The Mary Lyon Professor of Humanities, she also served as Dean of the College. She now lives in a small island community in Lake Superior, Wisconsin. Her first book, What in the World is Going On? Wisdom Teachings for Our Time (2015), is a collection of Teachings from the Tibetan deity, Manjushri. Find more of Penny’s writings on her website,

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